Thursday, July 10, 2014

He knew me before He formed me Numbered my days Set out a path and a story and guarded my ways He set me in secret - A life with a plan And gave me a purpose while in this land And there in that place - covered in love I spent my days in joy until I went above. I heard my mother's prayer and felt her gentle hand As she thanked the Lord for this life He had planned I heard my brothers' giggles so exited I was there I heard my sisters' whisper with gentle love and care I heard my father's blessings spoken each and every night and imagined his face even before I had sight I longed to let them know the love that I knew In this secret, sweet place where I quietly grew I felt my mother's heart break watched it shatter all around As I stepped from this life to heaven's sacred ground I could not leave a note, a word, or a touch to let them know I loved them so much But as I walked forward into my new place I saw Jesus reach out and extend peace and grace I saw Him gather tears and bless each one I heard Him whisper to them "I'll take care of your son" So one day I'll meet them Here on heaven's shore and tell them I love them and so much more.

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